Thursday, November 8, 2012

Costa Rica 2012

We made it to Costa Rica again this summer.  We went with our friends, Eric and Christy Champion, and their three kids; Stone, Olivia and Riley.   We were also able to bring our oldest son, Micah, along with us this time.  MacKenzie enjoyed not being the "rookie" on this trip and showed Micah the ropes of traveling internationally.  

We had a great time this year connecting with other SCORE missionaries and exploring more of the country.  Christy and I were able to do some grocery shopping at the Wal-mart in San Jose.  That was quite an experience seeing as we couldn't read most of the labels on the food we were trying to buy.  An experience nonetheless!

During our trip we were able to take in a soccer game also.  Saprissa vs. Perez Zeledon.  Saprissa is one of the premier soccer teams in the country.  We were able to spend time with Edgardo and Erica and two of their boys.  Edgardo and Erica are also Score missionaries.

I couldn't help but add this picture.  Its a picture of the parking lot at the stadium.  Our vehicle was the white van and we had to wait until all of those cars around us moved before we could get out and leave.  Its the craziest parking I've ever seen!!

We had some ministry opportunities also.  We found out that Erica knew a girl named Maria that we met in Mobile, Alabama at a NCCAA tournament we were Chaplains of in May of 2012. Maria is a Palm Beach Atlantic tennis player and she lives and is from San Jose, Costa Rica.  Maria and her mother were so gracious to give us a tour of the tennis facility that Maria trains at and her mother is the manager of.  Maria and her mother both are believers, but many of the people they work with at the tennis facility are not.  Maria's prayer right now is for her coach.  She said to us that "before I'm done here I want to lead him to the Lord."  Please pray for Maria that she will be bold in her faith and that her coach will see Jesus through her and want to know our Savior.  

While we were at the tennis courts, Eric, Christy, and their kids went to a school and were able to help run a basketball practice for a club team in the area.  Edgardo is very involved with coaching and pouring Jesus into these kids.  At the end of practice Stone was able to give his testimony and Eric followed up with the plan of salvation.  It was so exciting so see Stone be so bold and enthusiastic about sharing Jesus!
There were so many things on this years trip that were exciting see and do.  We finally got to go see the Pacific Coast, which by the way was beautiful. We also saw a river filled with Crocodiles, but by far the best thing that happened was God opening our eyes and showing us that we need to have faith that he is going to make a path for us to follow.  This trip allowed us to see Him and know that we just need to GO and stop worrying about all the things we have no control over.  We are so excited to be in a place in our walk with God that we can have that kind of faith and that we know he will provide.

Here are some pictures of the rest of our trip for you to enjoy.  Please keep praying for us as we continue down this path God has chosen for us.  

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