Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Moving to Costa Rica

Dear Friends,

We are now at the end our third year working with SCORE International and we are so excited about the changes that are taking place.  Even though we are not yet fully supported, it is with great anticipation and excitement that the Lord has made it possible for us to make our move to Costa Rica at the end of December of this year.  After a lot of prayer and advice we have found ourselves in a position of wanting to step out on our faith and trust the Lord will honor that and provide for us as we make this move.   

We are still short of our overall support goal and we are writing you now to ask for your help.  Our departure date is December 30, 2012 so our need is eminent!  We need more of our friends to partner with us so that we can focus on what God has called us to do.  We consider it an honor that the Lord has chosen us to share the gospel overseas, but we still need your help.  The time is now!  Here are some support possibilities:        Overall monthly need:  $3,100.00
        3 partners at $500.00
        4 partners at $250.00 
        4 partners at $100.00
        4 partners at $ 50.00    
During this changing season, we ask that you will take time out of your schedules to pray for us as we relocate to Costa Rica.  Also, please seek God’s wisdom on how you might help impact our ministry for the future.  We need partners like you to see our vision of engaging people in missions, church planting, and discipleship.  God has been very faithful in providing for our needs and we are trusting Him to meet our financial support shortfall.  We hope that you will consider becoming a part of our support team and we look forward to the possibility of partnering with you in 2012/13. Please read the enclosed information on how you can become our team member and help send us to Costa Rica.

Please contact us at jenperkins5@gmail.com, ken@scoreinternational.org.  Please respond soon if you can help in anyway. 

“...that the generation to come might know...”   Psalms 78:6  

Ken & Jen

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