Score International began nearly 26 years ago when Ron Bishop, a college basketball coach had a desire to have his players involved in more than just the game. He began taking them to do ministry trips to the Dominican Republic, where they could use basketball as a platform to share the gospel. Many colleagues saw the effect that he was having and asked if he could help their teams do the same thing.  Ten years ago, SCORE hired it’s first full-time missionary, and now today, there are over 50 full-time missionaries on staff.

The ministry of SCORE International has expanded beyond merely a short-term missions trip for basketball teams. Now it provides ministry opportunities for all kinds of church groups, Christian schools, athletic teams, Construction teams, Medical and Dental teams and whatever else you could imagine.

SCORE’s ministry in foreign countries is designed to Evangelize the lost, Encourage the full-time missionaries, pastors, and local churches in those countries, and to enlist full-time missionaries for various countries for years to come.

SCORE’s ministry in those countries is designed first and foremost to share the gospel with needy people. This is done through many avenues. Church planting, relief work, ministry to orphans, Street evangelism, Door-to-Door evangelism, Literature distribution, testimonies, musical and drama presentations, Vacation Bible Schools, etc.

SCORE owns facilities in Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic. In the Dominican Republic, we have a hotel which sleeps 100, a Medical & Dental Clinic, an orphanage, and we have built a Baseball Academy.

SCORE takes trips with groups to many countries around the world. Trips have included Argentina, Costa Rica, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Trinidad, Bahamas, St. Lucia, Hungary, Germany, Italy, Scotland, and Ireland.