perks of giving

3 Ways to support us:

1.  Prayer  

We can use all of the prayer we can get. It takes the strength of God to make it through everyday. We know that we can only do the work of missions with His guidance and your prayers.

2.  Financial Giving

In 2010 our founder, Ron Bishop, read to the staff the story of Nehemiah and his vision to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem. Coach Bishop challenged us to continue to help build God's kingdom through our missions work just like the people in Jerusalem and their wall. Below is what we have named the Nehemiah challenge for financial giving.


In Nehemiah Chapter 2:4-5 and 12, God gave Nehemiah the VISION to rebuild the Jerusalem wall. In Chapter 4:6 we see where God EQUIPPED him for the task and, throughout all the opposition, we see in chapter 6:15 where God was FAITHFUL in completing His calling to Nehemiah. This was no small task! The Jerusalem Wall was 15 ft wide, 30 ft high, and two miles in circumference. To top it all off, He did it in only 52 DAYS!

We are asking you to pray about joining our team to “finish the wall”. God used many people to complete His will of rebuilding the Wall. We want to have a large team that will commit to 30 minutes in prayer and $10 or more every month—that’s at least 33 cents and 1min a day. At that rate we would only need 250 additional teammates (that is less than all my Facebook friends) and most importantly we would have someone praying for us almost 4.5 hours of EVERYDAY!Pray about becoming member of our team by joining us in the Nehemiah Challenge. This is a long-term commitment but the fruits are eternal. Our prayer is that it challenges you spiritually as it has done in our own lives. 

Here is a link to Score International's website if you would like to help us financially:
Once on the missionary page, find our names and click on "Donate"

3. GO
Score's new logo is an arrow in the shape of a "G" for the simple reason that we want people to be empowered and challenged to GO.  Go and share the gospel through the many talents that God has given to the church body.  We are told to use those talents and what better way to do that than to go and serve on a short term missions trip.  For more information you can contact our home office at 423.894.7111