Sunday, August 7, 2011

Injuries and Trials=Ministry Opportunities

Friday, August 05, 2011

Today was a full day of soccer. We traveled quite a ways to get to the Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica. That is Costa Rica Tech which would be similar to our Virginia Tech, or Georgia Tech for you SEC people. It is the premier school for engineering and other high tech majors.
The girls played their best game of the trip so far.  They won 2-1.  After the game many of the girls were trying to talk to some of the C.R. players into transferring to Truett-McConnell to play ball.  The Men’s team didn’t far as well.  They are quickly learning what it means to play against the other team and the refs. We lost 2-3, but on a level playing field we would have had a good chance.  It was reminiscent to the U.S. trials in the early stages of the last World Cup.  The boys took quite a physical beating too.  So much so, that for the next couple of games we are going to have to get some Costa Ricans to play with them.  Despite all of the injuries and bad referees, the day’s events opened some doors for Score to have a Bible study at the University. So overall a day well spent.

Earlier this morning the school we were at yesterday with the men’s team (St. Francis) called and asked if we would be able to come and play the girl’s team. The girls were dragging, but said they could not turn down an opportunity to share Christ with another team. To make it a little easier on both teams they played seven on seven. Afterwords they spent a great deal of time with the Costa Rican girls. Once again it was helpful that all the Costa Rican girls spoke English.

Please keep praying for the trip, injuries are starting to pile up. However, the ministry opportunities continue to develop beyond what we were planning.  We are looking forward to seeing what God has in store for tomorrow.  


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  1. you have a blog, you have a blog, you have a blog, I am so excited. I love the coffee cups. I look forward to coming back this evening when the kids are in bed and reading.